ACTION C.2: Redevelopment of the habitat of S. macrostigma

This action foresees the improvement of the recovery of the reproduction areas and the increase of the river connectivity.

C2.1 Recovery of reproduction areas: manual removal of the waste present in the reproduction areas, which will also be strengthened by an awareness campaign on the importance of species and habitat conservation and the consequent need to keep sensitive areas clean in particular. To support this action, to maintain attention and commitment even after the end of the project, Legambiente will operate through its experience in involving volunteers in cleaning initiatives linked to national campaigns such as the “Puliamo il mondo” days or days of mobilization extraordinary.

C2.2 River reconnection: to circumvent the obstacle represented by horizontal artificial barriers, the construction of ramps with the use of boulders and rocks will be planned, and subsequently implemented, based on the results of the respective preparatory actions A5 and A2. In order to avoid dispersion – in addition to the target species, also of alien trout of zootechnic type potentially able to hybridize with native reproducers – as a main way of prevention, a careful selection of the sites of realization of the ramps will be carried out, using in some cases some obstacles already present on site as barriers to prevent the ascent of non-native and hybrid trout.