ACTION C.1: Increase the path towards the “River Contract” as a participatory tool for the sustainability of the project results

The action promotes the participation of all stakeholders involved in the management of the Biferno and Volturno river basins and, to achieve this goal, forums will be organized open to all categories, to include participation and involvement of all the people who work, or are interested at various levels in the project areas, directly or indirectly, by the project actions. Through the signing of voluntary instruments such as the River Contracts, the aim is to guarantee the sustainability of the conservation measures applied during the project in a process of consultation and sharing among all the interested parties.

C1.1 Identification of stakeholders, allocation of priorities and motivation with open forums.

C1.2 Protocol of agreement: drafting of the River Contract with formal commitments by the Region in reference to regional regulations on fishing according to the needs and indications of LIFE, definition of the role of each other stakeholder, agreements stipulated between Municipalities, fishermen’s associations and scientific bodies necessary for future management in post LIFE.