ACTION A.3: Survey on fish communities and evaluation of the genetic, biological and migration status of native Mediterranean trout (S. macrostigma)

This action involves sampling the species in at least 30 sites within the project area (including Biferno and Volturno river basins), covering a wide range of river habitats. The trout specimens will be analyzed, photographed and marked. Bloodless samples will be collected to obtain biological tissue for genetic analysis. The action also consists in a genetic screening of the trout population, in order to determine the degree of introgression of the native Mediterranean trout, integrated with a morphological analysis. A study of the migration patterns of the native trout population will be performed to discover the movements of individuals during the different seasons.

This action will be structured in:

A3.1 Field activities

A3.2 Genetic screening and morphological analysis

A3.3 Evaluation of trout migration patterns