Photo contest “Paths of Water and Stone. The story of a value for the communities “ 16 Dec

Photo contest “Paths of Water and Stone. The story of a value for the communities “

Another prestigious award for our project, this time as part of the “Paths of Water and Stone. The story of a value for the communities “.


Promoted by the Molise Museums Regional Directorate and the “Vivian Maier” Center for Photography of Campobasso, the competition was held as part of the Strategic Plan for Cultural Development of Water and Stone Paths in implementation of the MuSST Program # 2 Museums and Development Systems Territorial funded by the Ministry of Culture.

The theme of the competition is Water in all its natural and anthropic aspects: as a primary source of sustenance, health, energy, the common good; water in history, culture, sport. And again, water as an instrument of organization, conquest and modernization and its environmental sustainability.

Participants in the competition also included university student Alessandro Paolantonio from Campobasso who, among other images, nominated the shot taken in Rocchetta a Volturno at the Mediterranean trout hatchery of the University of Molise.

The image portrays Dr. Pierpaolo Gibertoni ichthyologist MTRG, partner of the LIFE NAT.SAL.MO project, while he raises the bag used for the transport of eggs and larvae against the light that will be used for the repopulation of the river Lorda in the countryside of Castelpizzuto, in the Regional Nature Reserve of Monte Patalecchia and the Lorda and Longanello streams.

The photo shoot, taken with Nikon Z7 II with 35mm f fixed lens, was accompanied by the following narrative text:

“Pollution and the intensive consumption of natural resources, even if only for recreational purposes, in recent years have brought several native fish species present in our waterways to the brink of extinction. It was therefore necessary to recover habitat, select the autochthonous genotype and repopulate rivers and streams by placing eggs and larvae of Mediterranean trout reared in special hatcheries. The eggs fertilized with frozen semen were incubated in the Rocchetta al Volturno facility and placed in artificial nests created in the riverbed with river pebbles. Again and again, water and stone are sources of life.

The photograph selected and “awarded for its ability to communicate adherence and objectives required by the competition with a single image” came in first place in the ranking.

Also in this circumstance – in the parallel and equally important communication and scientific dissemination activities – good practices always receive equally relevant appreciation and recognition.