Open Forum: towards the River Contracts 09 Dec

Open Forum: towards the River Contracts

The heavy snowfall that affected a large part of the Apennines on Monday 29 November – and Campobasso in particular – did not discourage the participants in the second Open Forum on river contracts. In fact, more than 50 people attended the event organized at the former GIL headquarters in Campobasso for various reasons.

Municipalities, the Region, citizens’ associations, environmentalists and trade associations, sector professionals, representatives of local authorities and research institutes were involved in discussions on topics of great interest both for the Biferno river and for the Volturno river. In fact, we concentrated on aspects inherent to the management and sustainable use of river ecosystems, agriculture and production activities in general. The path towards the two river contracts has now begun … we are confident in the new year, which will surely bring good news for Molise and its territorial riches.