Water analysis: very comforting results 04 Dec

Water analysis: very comforting results

As anticipated, in the meeting held on 19 November at Unimol in the presence of the entire partnership, the results obtained so far from the actions carried out in the previous months were presented. In particular, the meeting opened with dr. Bruno Testa who illustrated the results of the analyzes conducted in the waters of the Molise basins involved in the project.

The stations characterized were 30: 15 at the Biferno river and 15 at the Volturno. Furthermore, a sixteenth station was genetically characterized in the Longanello torrent. Microbiological and chemical analyzes have highlighted in all the stations examined a quality of the water in line with the suitability of the habitats for the life of the salmonids. In particular it has been noted that there are no traces of metals and pesticides in Volturno river which means that there are no significant spills in the river.