Two days of networking for Natsalmo 24 Jan

Two days of networking for Natsalmo

More than positive results for the networking event organized on 18 and 19 January 2022 in the Molise area by NatSalMo with the IdroLife and Life Streams projects.
IdroLIFE aims to improve the conservation status of fish and crayfish species of community interest through concrete conservation interventions on the species in the Natura 2000 sites of Verbano Cusio Ossola and restoring the fluvial practicability of the Toce and San Bernardino rivers, while LIFE STREAMS has as its main objective the recovery and conservation of native Mediterranean trout populations with a series of coordinated actions applied first in 6 pilot areas of the Italian territory, then subsequently also in 11 other transferability areas and aims to define and apply a global strategy for the entire species, to eliminate its main sources of introgression and to improve its status and habitat.

In the first day, spent at UniMol, each project had the opportunity to tell its own story and it was a truly unique opportunity for enrichment, with a truly remarkable exchange of skills.
The second day, however, saw the whole group away to attend the various activities in the field, first with a visit to the sources of the Volturno and the Rocchetta hatchery, and then to the Biferno. Near Oratino the Natsalmo team squeezed a beautiful female, fertilizing her eggs directly in situ with cryopreserved seed and removing a sample of adipose fin for genetic analysis. In addition, the semen was taken from a male specimen, which upon its return to the Unimol laboratories underwent the entire criconservation process.

Two days of discussion between different expertise that represented a formidable opportunity for exchanging procedures and good management practices.
At the time of saying goodbye, the promise to carry on what started in these two intense days and to organize a new meeting soon.