The Third Natsalmo Open Forum 08 Apr

The Third Natsalmo Open Forum

The participatory process that will lead to the signing of the River Biferno and Alto Volturno Contracts continues.

The Third Natsalmo Open Forum, to be held in Campobasso on 12 April, will restart from the considerations and requests that emerged in the previous meeting to jointly identify the priority objectives for the two river basins. The identification of these objectives is a fundamental step for the construction of the Strategic Document, which will define the direction and objectives – referring to a medium-long term time horizon – that we intend to achieve through the two Contracts.

Once again, the role of the Molise Region is fundamental in accompanying and supporting this challenge towards the River Contract, an instrument that sees the involvement of a large number of stakeholders, united by the need for the protection and the enhancement of the river habitats of these two basins.