The Project in brief

Whether small or large, each species covers and plays a specific role in the ecosystem and thanks to its role helps it maintain its vital balance: this is why protecting biodiversity means strengthening our ecosystem.. The LIFE Project Nat.Sal.Mo has as its main objective to guarantee the recovery and conservation of the Mediterranean trout (Salmo macrostigma) and its habitat in the Biferno and Volturno river basins in the Molise region with the application of innovative techniques and participatory governance tools.

S. macrostigma trout is endemic to the Mediterranean area and its conservation status is currently considered as “vulnerable” in Europe and “in danger of extinction” in Italy.

The main threats to the species are represented by:

  • Genetic introgression: zootechnic strains of trout coming from Northern Europe, introduced for sport fishing activities, are causing the introgressive hybridization of the native populations.
  • Loss of natural habitat: the reproductive areas are altered by the presence of waste along the river and by water pollution. Furthermore, in the watercourses there are barriers which alter their life cycle, by hindering the ascent of the rivers of the reproducing individuals.
  • Poorly regulated fishing: in the areas concerned it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the demographic and migratory parameters of the native populations aimed at developing a regulatory and management plan that promotes sustainable fishing for the Mediterranean trout.