Flag of a garbage in the Sordo river 21 Mar

Flag of a garbage in the Sordo river

Yesterday the project’s facebook page received a flag of a garbage spill near the Sordo river, complete with coordinates for the discovery of the area.

To report the fact, a fisher boy, who also attached some of his “catch and release” fishing videos on trout specimens, asking us if they were native or not.

What does that all mean? It means that in the eyes of that fisherman, the LIFE NatsalMo project is a serious, reliable project and people who work there can be trusted.

It’s just one tip, but it means a lot to us. We also notice it from the comments: once they were more harsh and disheartened, today they are full of satisfaction and encouragement. The NatsalMo project is not only spreading more and more, but it is also doing it in a positive way, gaining more and more trust from the public.