Everyone to the River! 03 Mar

Everyone to the River!

On February 25, 2022, our project finally managed to return along the river together with the school children!

Thanks to the significant improvement in the pandemic situation, in fact, last Friday we organized a meeting on the Biferno with the students of two secondary schools from the comprehensive G. Barone di Baranello Institute. To illustrate them some of the places and activities carried out by our project was S. Esposito, ichthyologist and MTRG technical manager for NatsalMo, who accompanied the boys on a guided tour of the Oratino hatchery, where in this period the eggs are found. Mediterranean trout embryos ready for imminent sowing. Following this, G. De Castro proposed to the children an “investigation” activity useful for assessing the suitability of the river section traveled to accommodate the Mediterranean trout.

The pupils of both classes participated with great interest and enthusiasm in the proposed activities.