Completed the monitoring in the Volturno 10 Dec

Completed the monitoring in the Volturno

The samplings for monitoring the results of the last breeding season in the Volturno river have ended.

Now in the Unimol laboratories, the scientific staff is preparing to process the samples taken and to process the results of the genetic analyzes, ready in a few months: however, we can already anticipate something …

On the field we were able to see that the devastation that two years ago upset the Volturno from the Municipality of Colli upwards, drastically impacting the trout population, is now only a memory. Some large adults are still present, but it is especially this year’s trout that dominate the composition of the population. An army of young striped trout that, without a doubt, is largely the result of the work and efforts of the NatSalMo project.