Autumn samples – Carpino stream 19 Nov

Autumn samples – Carpino stream

The genetic analyzes of the first year of the project had revealed, in some peripheral basins of the Volturno River, the presence of resident (non-migratory) populations with a discrete component of indigenous genetics.
We are now continuing these investigations to discover, before the breeding season, the possible presence of pure source populations to be used for artificial reproduction practices aimed at egg production. These eggs could be specifically destined for the repopulation of the minor peripheral watercourses, some more or less isolated from the main Volturno system.

In the pictures:

A brook lamprey

Lampreda di fiume

A hybrid between Mediterranean trout and brown trout of Atlantic origin

Ibrido tra trota mediterranea e fario zootecnica di origine atlantica.

Sampling by electric fishing in the Carpino stream

Elettropesca nel torrente Carpino

Tissue sampling for genetic analysis

Lo staff tecnico-scientifico mentre esegue un prelievo di tessuto per le analisi genetiche