Acquatrekking always and anyway? No thanks! 20 Aug

Acquatrekking always and anyway? No thanks!

We were inspired by a reflection by Alex Vigliani, an expert environmental hiking guide, to ask ourselves whether or not to practice this “sport” that is becoming popular in our territories. For those few who do not yet know it, it is a matter of practicing the walk not only on land, but in the waters of rivers and streams.

It is clear that following the lockdown there has been a “rediscovery of Nature”, a return, a new approach to places that were previously known and frequented only by enthusiasts and professionals.

But this rediscovery must be aware, sustainable, respectful of the habitats, flora and fauna of the territories.

A playful-anthropic activity such as aquatrekking, especially if practiced with high frequency, undeniably disturbs – when it does not heavily modify – river ecosystems.

Although there is still no legislation on the subject – apart from the Natura 2000 rule that prohibits such activities in SPAs – we can always appeal to our common sense: “The fish and amphibian fauna of the rivers deserve the same respect and attention as chamois and bears, rightly defended with gritted teeth”.

Be careful, therefore, especially in the Volturno and Biferno SPAs related to our project: there are our native Mediterranean trout fry that are growing!


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