Rio Freddo trout (Biferno river basin) 14 May

Rio Freddo trout (Biferno river basin)

The photo shows us a genetically pure individual of about 50 cm caught just downstream of the entrance of the Rio Freddo in the main course of the Biferno.

In the samplings of this winter and early spring we observed that a part of the spawners in the Biferno River go up the Rio Freddo, in search of fresh and oxygenated waters and gravel for reproduction: this spring stream was immediately theater of the project actions.

A more accurate monitoring has allowed us to identify, at the sources, a population made up of a few individuals characterized by very slow growth due to cold waters all year round. This small population, albeit with liveries different from the trout that inhabit the main Biferno, seems to have many Mediterranean characters. We have taken samples of adipose fin for genetic analyzes that will clarify the true nature of these populations.

The reproductive adult males of this population, in fact, are slightly larger than those of the young caught several kilometers further downstream in the main course of the Biferno.

Reproductive adult male
Young male

In the meantime, in the tract further downstream in continuity with the Biferno river, we have built several artificial nests in which we have sown thousands of native trout eggs incubated in our hatcheries.